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This magnificent flute is truly “Golden”. The Auréis model is constructed with 14K Rose Gold tubing, tone holes, barrel, and footjoint box. The mechanism can be built in .930 Silver or 14K Rose Gold. The ultimate choice for professionals, this flute is hand crafted to the player’s specifications.

All standard options are available : choice of B or C foot joints, Offset or In-line G keys, Split-E, C# trill, Parmenon G#, or Parmenon Low B resonator. Further customization is possible with gold plating of the mechanism or key engraving.

The King of all Parmenon models, the Auréis gives the player unlimited sound possibilities. It is the strongest and most powerful sound offered, and can be personalized with one of three hand cut headjoint styles: Alpha, Delta, or Sigma. The Parmenon Stopper is standard on all headjoints, giving freedom and flexibility in the sound.

Technical specifications

  • Body
  • Pitch : La-442
  • Tubing material : 14K Rose Gold
  • Tubing thickness : 0.35mm
  • Tone hole type : Soldered
  • Tone hole material : 14K Rose Gold
  • Rings, ribs, posts : Solid silver 930/1000
  • Barels material : 14K Rose Gold
  • Footjoint : C-foot or B-foot
  • Scale : Parmenon scale
  • G Disc : Standard
  • Headjoint
  • Tube material : 14K Rose Gold
  • Wall material : 14K Rose Gold
  • Lip plate material : 14K Rose Gold
  • Crown material : Solid silver 930/1000
  • Stopper type : Parmenon stopper
  • Style : Alpha, Delta, Sigma
  • Mechanism
  • Type : Pinned Mechanism
  • Keywork material : Solid silver 930/1000
  • G keys : Inline or Offset
  • Cups : French
  • Springs : Stainless steel, 10k White Gold
  • C# trill : Optional
  • Split-E : Optional
  • D# roller : Optional
  • Boehm Open G# : Optional
  • Parmenon Open G# : Optional
  • Resonant Low B : Optional
  • Gilded silver : Optional
  • Key chasing, Engravings : Optional
  • Pads
  • Type : Pisoni S2US or Blue Sound
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