Special options

We offer the common options to customize your instrument, as well as some specific innovative patented options.

Patented Parmenon options

Resonant Low B ®

Patented in 1986 by Michel Parmenon, the Resonant Low B takes advantage of the acoustic length of the B footjoint.

The B key closes along with the E flat key, thus creating a long closed tube segment at the end of theflute. It is this closed tube segment that improves the instrument’s resonance.

Parmenon G# system ®

Boehm’s initial concept did not include an additional closed G# tonehole, and the G/G# fingerings were reversed.

By adding this tonehole, the fingering was simplified, at the expense of the flute’s acoustics: to compensate for this weakness, the player had to put more effort into sustaining the righthand notes.
Our Parmenon G# system combines modern fingering without the addition of a G# tonehole.


A decorative technique where the pattern is carved. The mechanism and all tube parts can be engraved.

Our engravings are done by Bruno Levêque, Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman of France)


A decorative technique where the design is made by pushing the metal. Available only for the mechanism.

Our chasing is done by Antoine Legouy, Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman of France)

Gilded Silver

Gold plate on silver. Few microns of gold covering the mechanism and the tube protect them from oxidation.

Our guilded Silver is made by Carmafix company, specialised in metal guilding for luxury jewelry.

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