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Welcome to the Parmenon Repair Shop!

Every instrument requires regular maintenance to keep it in top condition. At Parmenon we have a repair shop which can take care of every flute and keep it playing in tip top shape. Our services include Clean, Oil and Adjusts and Overhauls, as well as wooden flute maintenance and miscellaneous repairs. We accept all brands of flute or piccolo in our shop.

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The Clean, Oil and Adjust (C.O.A.) is intended to keep your flute or piccolo playing at its peak and to extend the time between overhauls. A good rule of thumb is to have a C.O.A. done once a year. The price of a C.O.A. is €300 (tax excl.) ; it includes up to three hours of repair time and is warranted for 30 days. Expect to be without your instrument for two weeks while it is being cleaned, oiled and adjusted.

1. We do a diagnostic to detect any major issue
2. The instrument is completly taken apart, including all pinned sections
3. All keys and body are cleaned out and oiled to remove as much dirt and tarnish as possible without buffing.
4. Broken or missing felts and corks are replaced
5. The keys are reassembled and the instrument is setted. Minor pad shimming is done if necessary.
6. The headjoint cork is checked and replaced if necessary.
7. The instrument is play tested.

Exclusions: A C.O.A. is much more limited than an overhaul. Complete repadding is not included. Lost key motion is covered, but key side play is not. Removal of dents (if requested) is extra and charged at the rate of €100 (tax excl.) per hour, (minimum charge €37.50). Pad replacement during a C.O.A. is limited to two pads at an extra hourly charge plus the cost of the pads.



The Overhaul involves the complete disassembly, cleaning of the keys and body, replacement of all the wear parts (pads, felts, corks), oiling, precise adjustments and setting of the instrument.
The time between overhauls is dependent on many factors, including climate and the quality and frequency of C.O.A.’s. A rough average would be three to five years. For a normal overhaul the labor charge is €1275(tax excl.) for flutes, and the only parts cost is a set of pads, felts, and corks.
Expect to be without your flute for four weeks while it is being overhauled. Overhauls are warranted for 90 days.


Pricing & Estimated Time

Service (in euros, all tax included) Labor Charge Estimated Time
Clean, Oil, Adjust (C.O.A.)* 360€ 2 weeks
Overhaul 1560€ 4 weeks


Rim pads Pisoni S2US™ or Straubinger™ Traditional felt pads Pisoni BlueSound™
Each pad 10€ 8€
Complete set 170€ 136€

*(Upon receipt of your instrument the Parmenon workshop will review your instrument for condition, if the instrument is in need of more than a C.O.A. we will contact you before proceeding)

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