Left handed Ovatio, “One Line” mechanism

The marriage of a left-handed flute with our “One-Line” flute system was the idea of another customer and led to the birth of Ovatio #621.

Left-handed flute

To make such a flute required that all keys be given individual attention by hand. Our existing tooling would not allow us to attain the correct shapes to fit the positions of the fingers on the left side. All parts were hand-forged, hand-shaped, adjusted, and then assembled.

Sol# Parmenon®

Using our latest design, this flute has an open G# system which uses traditional closed G# fingering. The G# tone hole does not exist on the backside of the flute, the note is produced using the upper G tone hole on the mainline. Usual fingering is used to play the note thanks to an articulated mechanism.

“One Line”: the thumb

The thumb on this flute is located in its traditional place, but the tone holes is placed on the top of the flute, on the mainline of the body, just under the C1 key. The C1 is raised slightly to accommodate the space needed for the thumb tone hole and key cup.

“One Line”: trilling

The trilling key holes are also placed on the front of the tube, rather than on the back. Their spatulas are still located on the right hand mechanism.

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